Hello Bellas! It’s been a while since my last post, and I am extremely sorry about the lapse. I had so many things come up at the same time and plus planning for my trip to India kept me super busy. But seriously, no excuses. On that note, I am very sad to see that the last week of summer is almost behind us. I hope mother nature don’t turn her cold face anytime soon. But I am not giving up on this summer yet. I want to maximize it as much as I can.

Here in New England, every day of summer is appreciated. Enough of this discussion now, let’s move over to today’s post, the I-can’t-believe-but-what-a-comeback culottes. You can’t go wrong with culottes this season. They are everywhere and why not, their appeal is almost indescribable. It’s one of those fashion comebacks which we all tend to appreciate everyday. As for this post, what better than to ask for than a jumpsuit and culotte in the same outfit. This one by F21, it is a can’t go wrong essential for a fashion maven. The mixed vertical strips and not to forget its impressive V-neckline front and back makes this outfit urban chic and classy at the same time. And a secret, it has pockets, albeit invisible which I so love these days. With phone in hand almost all the time, a pocket is a great convenience if not necessity. Simplicity in this dress makes accessory pairing that much easy. Since it was a day on town, I carried out my essentials in Aldo’s shoulder bag. Don’t get me wrong, this thing is functional as well as fashionable and I get to keep both my hands empty – yay! For bling, I resorted to my trusted Swarovski necklace. The V-neck demands attention and this minimalist piece from Swarovski does the trick. Other than that a nice set of matching heels with bag completed the look. Overall a simple yet bold piece. Hope you like it too. :)

Thanks so much loves, and see you next time with more exciting posts and outfits.

Ciao Bella xoxo

Details: Culotte || Shades || Heels || Bag



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