Hello everyone and a big shout out to my readers. I am writing this post today as a special assignment from the Mrs India Earth team.  It has been my privilege to be part of this wonderful journey.

I like to write about fashion; to me Fashion is a continuous process of revamping your confidence and style. What you wear and how you wear presents you to the world! In this every changing world, one has to evolve as well. Fashion changes every day and I never want to be prototyped with any one style. And just like Fashion, Confidence is not constant either! It needs to be worked on a regular basis. To me, the most important asset for women is her confidence, the way she feels about herself in her own skin.  In other words, bring out the best in you because as said, one thing is certain: confident people always have the upper hand over the doubtful, they have a way to inspire their surrounding and they make things happen.

Fashion and styling are inseparable. With them, you can not only show your creative side, but also make statement about who you are. Your first impression should make a lasting one.

So for this special post, I want to start with a power look, and this wide leg pant jumpsuit just does that.

First Look: Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit

This outfit is a super elegant and fall-like. Although I’m not ready for the colder months ahead, I’m definitely excited for the fashion. Think knee-high suede boots, tweed skirts, faux fur and more. I can already tell just by looking at some of my favorite brands’ websites that this fall and winter season is going to be a fun one to dress for.

You’ve got to have at least one jumpsuit in your closet! Trust me ;-). It’s one of the most classy and elegant pieces to style because it’s all about the details; the rest has already been put together for you. This is such a versatile piece by StalkBuyLove that can be worn on a lunch date or to work and will surely make heads turn. The stripped collar adds just the right wow factor to it! I have paired it with a statement runway necklace. Though my second option was definitely a delicate golden neckpiece. I decided to go with a pop of color for the heels and one of my favorites in my shoe closet. This surely is bold and versatile at the same time, and remember, don’t you ever feel that something won’t look nice on you, it’s the attitude that you wear inside brings the confidence on the outside.







Second Look: Boho Maxi Kimono and Shorts

This outfit makes my heart flutter and make me feel like a royal gypsy – summer, boho and beachy vibes. Black Lace is so elegant for the summer as well as fall. This maxi lace kimono from boohoo is one of my favorite wardrobe additions this season. Wear it as a dress or a kimono, such a versatile piece it is! This can easily be paired with a jeans or even a skirt. For fall I would pair this one with a booties and a bright colored cami inside, this stunning number is sure to make a mega statement. It is crafted from a delicate embroidered cotton lace with scalloped trim on the neckline, hem and sleeves. This also comes with a very fancy fringe stroll. I hope you enjoy this look.





Third Look:Jeans and Saree

So for the last outfit I decided to go for something totally different – more of a fusion, which personally is my way of styling. The evergreen saree has many uses, and mixing Indian outfits with western wear does bring flair and jazz factor to the look. I am a true Indian by heart, and so the Indian prints and bright colors bring out my creative best. For this next look, I decided to match up a trusted traditional saree  to their urban trusted pair of crop-top and jeans. This East-meets-West look has all the elements of style and swag. One doesn’t have to go far to find inspiration, and I found mine from a saree and put it to good use. After all, it’s all about how you carry it and you must carry it with panache. I would love to know if this look was a hit or miss?!












It is easy to be confident once you decide to love yourself and accept yourself the way you are, because perfection is great but chasing for too much perfection can lead you no where! Time is precious, live at your terms. Do what you think is right for you and your loved ones! We all work very hard in this world trying to juggle between work, family and friends. A little time for oneself can do wonders to our self-esteem. Believe me, you will see a huge difference in how people deal with you by just the way you dress. You can feel from within when you start believing in your choices. Be bold, try something new, mix it up, surprise yourself and see for once the difference. You will feel a spring in your step and that confidence is contagious.

And with all that confidence, love and support of my husband and family, I can’t wait for the big day on Sep 30th and meet the brilliant team of Mrs India Earth and go through this prestigious and beautiful journey.

Thanks for reading and I hope it inspired you enough for the day J

Have a wonderful day.




Outfit Details:

Outfit 1:

Jumpsuit : StalkBuyLove

Necklace: Aldos Runway

Heels: Jessica Simpson

Bag: Burberry

Shades: Forever 21


Outfit 2:

Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch

Top: Boohoo

Necklace: Zara



Outfit 3:

Saree: Seasons

Denim: Zara

Top: H&M

Heels: Michael Kors

Clutch: Jessica Simpson


Pictures By TravelBeez Photography

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