Hello my lovelies, A very Happy New Year 2018. I hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year! 2017 blew away way too fast and it’s time to make new resolutions and follow them through. I have few things on my mind that I need to implement in my life on a daily basis. The very first being, eating more healthy and secondly, sticking to my gym

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Hello Dear Readers! I hope spring is treating you well. Time to come out of the dark gloomy shadows of this long winter into sunny spring. I feel so elated for not having to carry my jacket all the time. Time for some more spring shopping. Lately I have done a lot of shopping online and one of my fav sites is Fevrie. I had a wonderful opportunity for a

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Tribal Beaded Maxi Dress With eShakti

Hello Bella’s, I hope you are keeping up the snazzyness even after the Juno’s craziness. On a serious note, I hope everyone is safe and enjoyed time at home. I had great time while my boys were home and digged on some yummy food. Today I am sharing another outfit that I wore on my trip to Costa Rica. I am so excited to share this post with you about

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Oversized Knit This Season

I have been a big fan of oversized sweater and they have been so popular lately. They represent the urban fashion trend with an ultimate cozy, comfy and glam details. You can’t really go wrong with an oversized chunky knit. They’re perfect for the transition months and of course for winter layering as well! This white oversized is currently the top most in the pile of sweaters in my wardrobe specially for weekends. They can easily

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A Casual Affair

Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a fab time. This year is flying by way too fast and I feel like having no time to catch up on so many things. I wish we had more hours in a day especially now when it gets dark so soon here in North-East. Anyways, I wanted to share about the latest event with Boston based Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers. This event was organized by CambridgeSide

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