I am Meghna – fashion influencer, mom to a 5 year old and a consulting professional. I am also Mrs. India Earth USA 2016.

I am born and raised in the beautiful country of India and moved to Boston for studies. My mission is to inspire women around the globe that getting married and having a kid is not the end of the world. It’s a new start and you should keep working on yourself – today and forever. 

My life definitely is more around my little guy so you will see his activities influence my fashion sense a lot.

I like to write about fashion; to me Fashion is a continuous process of revamping your confidence and style. What you wear and how you wear presents you to the world! Fashion changes every day and I never want to be prototyped with any one style. Just like Fashion, Confidence is not constant either! It needs to be worked on a regular basis. To me, the most important asset for women is her confidence, the way she feels about herself in her own skin.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you find this blog inspiring enough to come back. I enjoy reading your comments,  suggestions and questions so please, don’t be shy.  xoxo